Thursday, February 7, 2019

Boxing With Life by Mendes Biondo

the dear ol’ bukowski was right
stay down
let things go
drink a sip of your own blood

the dude with oiled muscles beat shit out of you
the dude with the red gloves is called life from the folk
that fucking folk claiming his name
it’s life man
it’s an hard motherfucker to face

the dude with those fancy colored boxers will dance
around your body
so stay down
till the gong does not sing its heavenly song
till the hang over is not high into your head

the dear ol’ bukowski found the way to stay sane
you can become a killer
or a rapist
or something really bad
if you don’t stay down
when life hits you with red gloves

most of the time is because of your job
but it could be also friends
or women
or people censoring your works
or folk calling life
while your face is a fucking pollock painting
and you’re trying to stay on your feet

the footlocker will save the situation
you said once
but that bastard is there watching you
and licking his lips every time a sip of blood
of your one
that’s quite obvious
come out from your face like the squirt
of a smashed orange

so stay down
let things go
and open a new bottle of wine
it’s not the key to solve your problems
but it works
while you’re looking for the final gong

Mendes Biondo is an Italian journalist and author. His works appeared on Visual Verse, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Literary Yard, Angela Topping Hygge Feature,  Indigent A La Carte, The BeZine, Scrittura Magazine, The Song Is, Poetry Pasta and other magazines. He is one of the editors of The Ramingo's Porch along with Marc Pietrzykowski and Catfish McDaris. His first book Spaghetti and Meatballs : Poems For Hot Organs,  Is published by Piski's Porch  and available through Amazon.

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